Musica Medicina!

Musica Medicina is a meditative tribal experience that brings together sounds from ancient traditions and presents them in a contemporary form. The music is created in and for the moment, establishing a direct communication between the listeners and the players in the shared space.

Registration link:

Experience a non-conventional music concert that breaks through the boundaries of lyrics, notes and rhythm, exploring sound in its rawest, widest spectrum. The music intends to go beyond mere entertainment towards healing through sound. The listener experiences sounds from various cultural traditions coming together sometimes in harmony and other times in disruption. Listen to internationally renowned artists in a private concert and get a chance to interact and learn from their knowledge.

Artists on Board :  

Vishesh Kalimero plays Turkish lute, Afghani Rabab, Persian setar, Mongolian throat singing

Rahul Jigyasu plays Indonesian percussions, flutes & vocals

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